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Drive Thru Solutions

Your fast food or quick-service drive thru delivers a high ROI to your business. 

The team at Comvox brings you years of experience in drive thru lane efficiencies. Our systems offer durability, speed, and comfort. They can stand up to the demands of day-to-day operations with industry leading ruggedness.

Panasonic Attune II

  • Panasonic's next generation of noise-cancelling, durable drive thru communications
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen control module
  • Integrates directly to your drive thru with single lane and two lane options available
  • Connect live drive thru camera feeds so operators can see and hear customer orders clearly

Panasonic Attune Headset

  • Ergonomic and light - weighs less than 3.6 ounces
  • Easy-to-use four-button design makes training your team members a breeze
  • Sanitary rubber ear cushions that can be cleaned in commercial dishwashers
  • Super rugged - designed for years of worry-free use
  • DECT Digital Noise Reduction uses a 3-microphones to cancel out ambient noise

Attune Parts & Accessories 

Comvox is your Attune resource for: 

  • Headset battery charging stations 
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • Replacement ear cushions 
  • Speakers and mounting posts 
  • Vehicle detectors 
  • And more ...