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>>Why Toughbook?


At Panasonic, we listen to our customers long before they're actually customers by finding out exactly what their needs are. Then we plan, customize and deploy Toughbook notebook solutions to meet those needs head-on. Our notebooks are ruggedized beyond military standards but we don't stop there. Panasonic has built numerous long-term customer relationships through ongoing product innovation and after sale support.       

How Rugged?

Panasonic Toughbook notebooks have been built in our own factories for 15 years, dedicated to RUGGED notebook mobile computing. Toughbook computers are designed to "TAKE IT" and to meet the demands of mission critical environments. Users should not have to worry about their computers when they use them in the field. 

Engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust and dirt, Toughbook computers go where the user goes, ready to perform in spite of harsh environments and rough handling.

Panasonic Tougbook computers are the obvious choice for field workers as they offer many built-in capabilities such as low voltage processors, long battery life, 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless along with the integration of many embedded options such as broadband wireless, GPS, extra HDD and extra batteries

Rugged Features

Rugged Features

Panasonic has taken the experience learned from years of manufacturing rugged notebook computers for field service, law enforcement, public safety, and military applications, and applied this to the industry's most complete line of rugged notebook computers.

Panasonic takes durability seriously. Panasonic engineers have designed each notebook, from the inside out, with durability in mind. They are constructed using only leading edge components that have been tested for rugged qualities. Chassis are constructed using the strongest of materials in order to protect your investment.

Panasonic has focused on protecting the most expensive components of the system:

1. LCD
The single most expensive component on any notebook computer has been protected using full or partial magnesium cabinet materials offering 20x the strength of ABS plastics.

2. Internal Components
Each chassis is constructed using full or partial magnesium cases, or fiberglass-reinforced materials offering 3x - 20x the strength of ABS plastics.

3. Hard Disk Drive
Although, the hard disk drive is not the most expensive component found in a notebook, it certainly can be the single most valuable item. In order to protect this fragile component, Panasonic has employed the use of flex connectors and gel packaging to improve vibration and shock resistance far beyond other notebook manufacturers.

The TOUGHBOOK line of rugged notebook computers are constructed to reduce breakage, down time, help desk calls, and, ultimately, your total cost of ownership. And, we have a model for every application at affordable prices.

Failure Rate

Panasonic Toughbook notebooks have been around long enough to prove their reputation as a reliable solution for your tough workers. With over 10 years of service history available and an average of 3% failure rate, we know what we are doing when engineering quality, reliable products.

Panasonic Toughbook notebooks fall far below industry failure rates. Based on industry information gathered by VDC Research Group, Inc. (2008), businesses rate the importance of key notebook features that keeps them working in the field.


Toughbook computers are established as a leader as they have been incorporating many of these key features for years.   

Extreme Testing

Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers must endure torturous tests at Panasonic R&D and quality assurance facilities on a daily basis. These rigorous tests have been ongoing for more than a decade as Panasonic technicians continue their quest for even higher levels of computer reliability and performance under the harshest conditions. The technicians are so demanding that more than 1,000 Toughbook mobile computers are deliberately damaged every year, just to determine how tough they really are.

The testing program helps ensure that all newly manufactured Toughbook computers meet Panasonic's high quality standards. In addition, testing seeks to reveal any product weaknesses so that engineers can then design even greater durability and reliability into future Toughbook models.

To ensure that Toughbook computers exceed MIL-STD requirements, technicians subject the computers to a battery of factory tests. For example, the hinges on all Toughbook models are factory tested to survive 50,000 cycles, and keyboards must last for 25 million keystrokes. Panasonic's commitment to quality—at both the component and finished goods level—results in a total of more than 500 checks and tests before, during and after production, on every unit built. See below for just a few of the tests that our Tougbook computers endure.

Drop and shock resistance To ensure that they withstand repeated high impact, Toughbook mobile computers are repeated drop-tested.


Liquid resistance Toughbook mobile computers are extensively tested for the ability to withstand varying degrees of liquid exposure.


Pressure resistance Rugged, reliable Toughbook mobile computers are built to take the pressure - physical as well as atmospheric.


Vibration resistance Rugged, reliable Toughbook mobile computers are designed to function even after enduring constant, high-level vibrations.


Wireless Technology

A clear advantage when buying a Panasonic Toughbook notebook is the broadband wireless ready features that can easily be integrated before it is shipped to our customers. Panasonic is the only wireless mobile computer manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own antenna, which exceeds the leading carriers' wireless network requirements.

Having long-term relationships with all major US wireless carriers, we provide our clients with activation services that can have users ready to connect out of the box. Please ask your Account Manager about this service.





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