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Surveillance - Video Analytics



Aimetis Symphony™ facilitates unlimited CCTV system expansion.


Video Analytics and Network Viewing Solution

Aimetis Corp. is an industry leading software company providing integrated intelligent video management solutions for security, surveillance and business intelligence applications. The company is a global leader in intelligent video technology and is propelling the adoption of video analytics as an integral component of video management solutions. Aimetis products are based on innovative, open technologies that provide customers with a single platform for migrating from analog video to intelligent IP video solutions.

Aimetis is a Canadian-based company, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. It is recognized by industry analysts, resellers and end-customers for its product innovation and commitment to excellence. Aimetis software is sold and supported through highly trained certified partners located in over 100 countries


Aimetis Symphony™ is award-winning intelligent video surveillance software that offers a single, innovative, open IP video platform for video management, video analytics, system integration and alarm management. 

Aimetis Symphony makes intelligent video management simple by providing a single software platform for:

  • Future-Proof Surveillance - With three software license versions to choose from, Aimetis Symphony™ has a solution for every stage on the migration path from analog CCTV to intelligent IP video.  And, with the industry's simplest licensing model, transitioning is easier than ever. Learn more

  • Open IP Video Management - Aimetis Symphony™ installs on standard IT hardware, supports hundreds of camera models, provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface, and has a full Application Programming Interface (API) that makes integration with third-party systems, such as access control, easy. Learn more

  • Proven Video Analytics - Aimetis VE Series video analytic algorithms are seamlessly incorporated into Aimetis Symphony™, analyzing video data in real-time and providing organizations with intelligent information  at their fingertips. Read more about the benefits of analytics.

  • Security & Beyond - With advanced video search tools, and a comprehensive selection of on-demand reports, organizations use Aimetis Symphony™ for business intelligence in addition to security surveillance, helping them to better plan business requirements, improve operations and increase ROI. Learn more


Key Features

Aimetis Symphony™ has a robust set of features that make it ideal for video surveillance and business intelligence applications for installations of all sizes, and across a range of vertical markets.

Listed below are the features available in each license version.


Open Platform

  • Install on standard IT hardware
  • Supports hundreds of cameras and encoder manufacturer models
  • Supports MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264
  • Rich API for third-party system integration
  • OPC Interface


Unhindered Scalability

  • High camera density per server
  • Server Farm Support
  • Server Virtualization
  • Microsoft Active Directory


Intelligent, User-Friendly InterfaceSmart Search

  • Dynamic deep linked site map
  • Alarm notification and response log
  • Event driven timeline
  • Customizable display
  • Multiple PTZ control options
  • Multi-language support
  • PC Client, Web Client and Mobile Clients (iOS and Android)
  • Eliminate the need to review hours of recorded video
  • Pinpoint specific events in seconds by setting search parameters such as:
  • Review and export qualifying snippets of video in seconds
  • Search by time, location, activity



  • On-demand business intelligence reports:
    • People/Vehicle Counts
    • Object Density/Occupancy
    • Traffic Flow
    • Alarm Counts/Time/Rule
    • Loitering/Dwell Time




The Industry's Simplest Licensing Model One Camera. One License. Period.

  • Three license versions to choose from
  • Add licenses one at a time
  • Mix and Match licenses on a single server
  • Simple license version upgrade
  • Unrestricted camera replacement
  • License NOT tied to MAC address of camera

Click here for a complete list of features available in each version.


Aimetis Symphony™ Standard - IP Video Recording

Aimetis Symphony™ Standard is the ideal choice for organizations making a transition from analog CCTV or DVR technology to IP video.

  • Leverage commercial off-the-shelf computers from leading manufacturers
  • Unhindered scalability
  • Unlimited*** cameras (limited by the capacity of the server hardware only)
  • One license per camera
  • Alarm Policy configuration allows for automated response to alarms (e.g. send email notification, start recording, etc.)
  • Robust video management recording features:
    • Remote live view
    • Video playback
    • Record on motion
    • Integrated site map
    • PTZ control
    • Multi-stream camera support

***The server is still required to have 1 license per device. Example: for a system with 32 cameras, you require 32 licenses. If you increase the number of cameras, the licenses will also need to be increased.


Aimetis Symphony™ Professional – IP Video & Integrated Alarm Management

Aimetis Symphony™ Professional combines the robust video recording features of the Standard license with enterprise wide system scalability, third party system integration, and centralized event management capabilities.

  • Rich API for easy integration with alarms, I/Os, access control and other event based systems
  • Server farm and virtualization
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Integrated Time Line provides overview of alarm activity


Aimetis Symphony™ Enterprise – Intelligent Video Management

Aimetis Symphony™ Enterprise incorporates all the features the capabilities of Standard and Professional and adds several Aimetis VE Series™ Video Analytics algorithms, changing the use of video from a passive recording device to a proactive, enterprise intelligence gathering tool.

  • Advanced Recorded Video Search Capabilities
  • On-Demand Business Intelligence Reports
  • Aimetis VE Series™ Video Analytics include:
    • Motion Tracking
    • Object Classification
    • Virtual Fence
    • Wrong Direction
    • Left/Removed Item Detection
    • People Counting
    • Loitering/Dwell Time


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