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Transportation Security Solutions - The integrated security technology that protects your city and keeps it moving.


Increasing ridership, multiplying routes, multi-modal fleets — securing a transit system is a daunting, but absolutely critical, task. Surveillance systems have proven themselves indispensible in preventing major attacks and solving day-to-day crimes but the mobile nature of transit fleets has made robust, real-time surveillance difficult, until now. The new Panasonic i-PRO Solution takes to the cloud to stream HD video and audio surveillance from your fleet to central command and the police on the beat.


Put intelligent eyes and ears on every vehicle
The i-PRO system can capture and share events with clear audio and Super Dynamic HD. Seeing details — of faces, packages and actions — is never a problem even under the rapidly changing lighting conditions of a bus or train in motion. With the i-PRO system, security personnel have the complete situational awareness they need to act decisively.                        
Panasonic iPro Transit Solution Brochure                                
Link live to command centers, police and rescue personnel

When the situation is critical, the slightest lag can mean life or death. The i-PRO security system streams live video and audio to transit command centers so personnel have a clear, real-time view of events on every bus and train in the fleet. When a camera detects suspicious activity, objects or people, it automatically alerts controllers in the command center.

Police, Fire and other first responders can access security feeds via the web using any laptop or smart phone. Once onsite, they can make a direct, wireless connection with the vehicle's i-PRO recording device so they can see what's happening inside, even if they don't have access to a cell network or the Internet.

Make evidence gathering as simple as drag-and-drop

The digital recorders on each bus archive every HD detail captured by the cameras and microphones, which allows investigators to search with point and click ease whether they analyzing a single bus archive or every archive in the fleet. Because the recorders encode using the H.264 HD protocol, you can zoom in on any frame to inspect minute details.

Our recorders are open-platform, so you can review, search and transfer files using the management software that best suits your operation. Plus, we've made offloading flagged files from a specific incident a simple, wireless transfer — no more removing recorders or media from a bus to gather evidence or prepare for trial.

Unify everything with an integrated solution

Hardware alone isn't enough. A high-performing security solution demands thorough planning and flawless deployment, plus long-term maintenance and support. Panasonic can provide a single-source solution for every aspect of your Transit Security System — from design and systems integration, to long-term service and support backed by the industry's best warranties.Featured Products

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