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RFID Solutions

The Right Asset in the Right Place at the Right Time……..


Comvox Systems offers RFID tracking applications using a variety of radio frequency identification technologies. We develop, manufacture and implement leading edge RFID tracking solutions and have consistently combined solid program development proficiency, expertise in RFID technology, and integration tools to solve the most complex business issues. SPT customers rely on intuitive RFID applications, implementation services, and automated integration to save money, to reduce operational expense, to standardize practices, to gain control, and to attain compliance. SPT’s intuitive design and attention to detail ensures high end user adoption and RFID project success.

Why should you choose Comvox and Silent Partner Technologies

One size does not fit all. Don’t get trapped by others in the industry who are trying to get their solution to fit your needs. SPT team will thoroughly evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution to solve even the most complex business issues. The solution will sometimes involve the use of multiple technologies. Comvox Systems and Silent Partner Technologies, combines best-of-breed readers, antennas, and tag technology from many different companies to provide a solution that addresses your specific need. Silent Partner engineers develop a total answer for SPT clients that is well designed providing a highly efficient software and hardware “solution”.

What can you expect

While RFID technology has become a mainstream solution for many tracking requirements, it continues to evolve and improve with time. Manufacturers of tags and readers are coming out with new designs and algorithms that require a higher level of expertise to develop and integrate with. When looking for an RFID partner, you should expect the following:

  • Business Issues- Understanding the business needs and challenges is the first task in any system implementation. SPT team members bring an average of 25 years’ experience in solving even the most complex of problems. SPT discussions will also start with understanding the issues at hand rather than quoting hardware specifications.
  • Engineering Expertise- While most RFID providers just focus on software, SPT’s ongoing differentiation is that we focus on the entire solution—including Hardware Engineering. As such we employee Hardware engineers, as well as partnerships with Universities and Engineering firms so we can provide a “complete” best of breed solution. At Silent Partner we are constantly looking forward and adapting new technology to the ever changing needs and requirements of SPT clients.
  • Software Development- Over the past 25 years, we have built hundreds of software tracking applications and products. Some are standalone solutions and some are designed to integrate to specific ERP’s. Most of SPT software development efforts have been centered around supporting both active and passive technologies. Seldom will you find a partner who’s software application is technology and vendor agnostic.



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