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Retail Security Solutions - The integrated security technology that protects your city and keeps it moving.


Panasonic security systems do more than help you prevent loss and monitor your facilities. They are part of a comprehensive solution that integrates POS terminals and digital signage to create an analytics-driven marketing platform that lets you deliver targeted promotions based on sales data, traffic patterns, even an individual's age and gender.

Intelligent systems integrations that protect your business and make your entire operation smarter – just one of the many ways Panasonic makes technology work harder for you


Protect your Point of Sale
The cash register is a tempting target for any thief, especially a malicious employee looking to sweetheart a sale or ring up a false refund. Panasonic POS and surveillance systems work in lockstep, archiving HD video of every transaction in an easy-to-search, digital database. If a transaction seems suspicious in your electronic journal, you can access an instant video replay in seconds.
Identify and track suspicious shoppers
More and more, shoplifting is becoming a professional occupation perpetrated by organized crime. Retailers need to do more than eliminate opportunities for theft – they have to go on the offensive. Panasonic i-Pro HD cameras and recorders detect and catalog faces automatically. Whenever a suspicious person returns, the system recognizes him or her and alerts your staff. It can even automatically follow the person throughout the store and into the parking lot.                   
Secure the perimeter

Crime isn't limited to the shopping floor. It often begins and ends in the parking lot, loading dock or on the street. With the super-dynamic range of Panasonic HD cameras, you'll be able to capture license plates in the middle of the night and recognize faces through a sun-splashed windshield. You'll be able to catch critical evidence and give your employees and your customers a superior level of security.

Turn security data into true business intelligence
Panasonic security cameras and video recorders are powerful crime deterrents, but the analytics software that powers them is designed to do far more. It captures broad demographic data, from the number of people in the store, to peak traffic flows – as well as approximate age and gender – so you can optimize everything from staffing and merchandising, to your promotional strategy.



Traffic data has value far beyond your weekly staff schedule. Integrated solutions can use demographic data to automatically broadcast tailored promotions in real time. It can deliver the right promotion at the right time to the customers who are most likely to respond. All you have to do is ring up the sale.
With all the Panasonic displays available, the system can deliver everything from mega-promotions on a massive display wall, to micro-targeted messages right at the register.


Within reach of every business

Available in both IP and hybrid video solutions, Panasonic vandal-resistant cameras are IP66-rated for weather, shock, impact and vandal resistance, making them the perfect video solution for outdoor areas such as bus stops, train platforms, and bus and rail storage yards.

  • U.S. retailers lost $34.5 billion to shrinkage in 2011. That's 1.41% of sales
  • Employees accounted for 43.9% of shrinkage in 2011. Their average take: $1,697(based on the 3.6% of employees thefts that were actually caught).
  • 96% of retailers were victims of organized crime theft in 2012
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