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Video Analytics - Aimetis Symphony Overview



Aimetis Symphony Enterprise NVR Software License for Intelligent IP Video Surveillance Management. The Aimetis Enterprise Symphony NVR Software License is designed for applications requiring real-time intelligence on IP security camera feeds with enhanced event-based search capabilities. With Aimetis Symphony Enterprise NVR Software License running on a IP camera, objects in the scene under video surveillance are tracked and classified, providing real-time video information as it happens through its alarming function. The Aimetis Enterprise NVR license also features automatic control of PTZ cameras as well as many intelligent features such as ‘Smart Search’ and business intelligence reports that are critical for more sophisticated implementations.

                             MPEG Video Munich  Airport - Video                             MPEG Video City of Novi Sad - Video                         Case Study - Lake Side Inn                                 Case Study - City of Oshawa

aimetis-trackingAimetis offers the Industry’s Simplest Licensing Model allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of use, Aimetis Symphony TM software enables users to mix and match any of the three available Aimetis Symphony licenses on the same server. With no server license fee or client viewing license fee, Aimetis Symphony software licensing scheme is very simple to understand and very simple to provision: one camera – one license. With no minimum number of licenses to purchase, additional licenses can be added incrementally as cameras are added to a system. And because the software licenses are not tied to the MAC address of camera, customers can change cameras without having to obtain another license from Aimetis. With just a simple, single upgrade purchase, Aimetis Symphony software licensing makes upgrading from one version to another easier than ever. 

                              Partial List of USA Customers                 MPEG Video E3200 Physical Security Appliance                        

Aimetis Symphony Enterprise NVR Core Features:

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows
  • Unlimited Number of Cameras per Server (Hardware*)
  • Multi-Server (Unlimited Server Farm)
  • Unlimited Number of Servers per Site
  • Unlimited Number of Sites
  • Unlimited Number of Client Connections
  • Server Virtualization
  • Simultaneous video streams from single camera
  • Network video support*** (MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264)
  • Support for mega-pixel cameras
  • Analog camera support (capture card)
  • Record on motion (from Video Motion Detection in camera)
  • Record locally
  • Record to NAS/SAN/DAS
  • Record on schedule
  • Record on alarm
  • Alarm I/O
  • Camera loss detection
  • Video over-write protection
  • Multilanguage
  • Automatic software updates
  • Customizable user access levels
  • Symphony Web client
  • PDA client

Management Features                        

  • Microsoft Active Directory or stand alone user model
  • Automatic camera detection
  • Centralized device management
  • Automatic configuration backups
  • Uninterrupted configuration changes
  • Event logging
  • Remote diagnostics

Video Analytics:

  • Video Analytics
  • Camera loss detection
  • Camera obstructed
  • Motion tracking
  • Object classification
  • Virtual fence
  • Wrong direction
  • Multiple area alarms
  • Left item detection
  • Removed item detection
  • People counting
  • Loitering


  • Guard tours
  • Manual control
  • Preset on event
  • Automatic PTZ tracking (Auto-Tracking)


  • Access Control/Alarm Panel
  • Server API/SDK
  • Custom events via TCP/IP
  • Generic events via TCP/IP
  • OPC data access support                               

Alerting and Notification

  • PDA
  • Alarm I/O
  • E-mail notification
  • FTP
  • TCP

Aimetis NVR Software includes the following applications:

Aimetis Symphony™ Client - Unlimited installs of the feature rich client application enables live video viewing, intelligent searching, PTZ camera control and complete administration capability of the Symphony server.

Aimetis Symphony™ Web - See the power and scalability of Aimetis Symphony NVR features via standard web browser software.

Aimetis Symphony™ Mobile - Receive and respond to alarms in real-time using Microsoft Windows® mobile devices.

Aimetis Symphony™ Player - The Symphony Player is used to play exported files as well as fast forwarding, rewinding, and toggling video overlays on and off on the  fly.

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