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Digital Signage Survey

COMVOX Digital Signage System Strategy Questionnaire


What do you envision?                           Single Stand Alone Sign   1-5 Signs   3 - 9 Signs   10+ Signs    Video Wall    65 inch or Larger Displays

 Same Content  Different Content   Kiosk(s)


 High Definition 1080p     Ultra High Definition 4K     LG O-LED    Samsung Q-LED    Touchscreen   




Meeting Room Scheduling/Confirmation   Wayfinding (non-interactive)  Wayfinding (interactive)  Other Interactive   



 Live Video (Cable, Satellite or other feed)    Flash   Weather   Time/Date   RSS feed (finance, news, sports, etc)   Webpages  Crawl/Ticker   Database information    Use Microsoft PowerPoint


  • If you are currently working with a Comvox designer, please indicate who below.  
  • How would you prefer to be contacted?   Phone   Email   Either phone or email 


  • Contact Email *    Contact Phone  


  • Sign to be Installed/Location- City, State, Zip Code  


  • If you are currently working with a Comvox designer, please indicate who below. 


  • Do you have an objective or can you say "why" you're installing a Digital Signage system?   No, I need more time to think about it.   Yes 


  • What's the venue? Where do you plan on putting these screens and why? How does this support the objective(s)



Does noise and light affect the screens?     
Yes   No 


  • Where will you mount your screens? 


  • Have you considered height (ADA compliance), distance to viewer, traffic flow, etc.?    No   Yes 



  • Who is the audience? (demographics, frequency of visits) What are their needs? How will you get their attention? Employees or customers?


  • What is the dwell time of your audience?  Less than a minute 1 - 5 minutes 5 - 30 minutes 30 minutes + 



  • Who will create the content?     In-house Outside Sources 


  • What types of content will you be displaying? (Check All That Apply)

Text Images Video Files Live Video (Cable, Satellite or other feed) Flash Weather Time/Date RSS feed (finance, news, sports, etc) Webpages Crawl/Ticker Database information Wayfinding (non-interactive) Wayfinding (interactive) Other Interactive 


  • Who will manage the Digital Signage system?


  • How many people will be trained to use the system?    Enter a number between 1 and 100.


  • Will you have separate content on each screen (channel) in a single venue?  Yes, separate content No, the same content 


  • Will you be selling space or content on your Digital Signage network?  No Yes 



  • How many venues (separate locations) will you have?   Enter a number between 1 and 500.


  • How many screens per venue?  


  • Where are these placed and why?


  • What is the size of the venue and how far away to expect a screen to be effectively seen/read.


  • Who will install the screens?  Comvox In-house All the screens are already installed Some screens are already installed, we want Comvox to do the rest. 


   Full Name:
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   Company Name:
   Phone Number:
   Order Number:
   RMA Number:
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