Custom Digital Signage Displays
chose you cabinet, bezel color, logo, size and inputs
    Now you can have your signage your way!



Our custom made digital signage displays are available in low quantities on a low volume basis. 

Comvox can make your menu boards an integral part of your atmosphere.  Match any color to any size to meet your specific needs.

You can specify:

  • Cabinet color - black or white
  • Bezel Color - Specify your color - we will color match to any PMS color
  • Logo - no logo or your logo mounted where you want it, located based on a portrait or landscape orientation
  • Select your size - 8", 10.4", 15", 17", 18.5", 19", 21.5", 22", 24", 26", 32", 42", 40", 46", 52", 65", 70"
  • Select screen type - touch-screen or regular
  • Private Label and/or custom model number labeling
  • Ultra High Contrast Ratios, up to Full HD, Low EMC and Noise, Wide Viewing Angles

Contact - 904-309-6335 for more information

Our custom monitors deliver brilliant image and video quality in a large format while the ultra narrow frame maximizes the picture without wasting space.