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>>CTI Communications Assistant


Desktop Productivity Applications

Panasonic has developed a Network Communications Platform to seamlessly integrate with advanced desktop productivity applications for improved business efficiency.


Communications Assistant Productivity Application Suite

NCP Flat Panel Phone

Panasonic Communications Assistant productivity software suite is a highly intuitive PC based application suite that blends powerful point and click telephony management together with  screen based presence, availability, integration with Microsoft  Outlook®, integration with popular TAPI enabled CRM desktop tools such as ACT®, and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users. 

Designed for easy installation and maintenance - Communications Assistant can be deployed without the need of an additional 3rd party server - making it an ideal solution for small to medium  size businesses with limited IT resources.




Communications Assistant productivity suite includes  -


Communications Assistant Basic

Point and click unified communications for desk based  or remote workers 

Helps you visually control all your communications from your PC





Communications Assistant Pro

Point and click unified communications for desk based or remote workers. Provides users with real-time presence information.

Helps you visually control all your communications from your PC. Stay informed of users availability in different locations. 




Communications Assistant Supervisor

Team supervisors to monitor employees' call activities

Helps you to visually manage all your group members telephony  activities



Communications Assistant - Voice Mail Assistant


VM Assistant allows Unified Messaging functionality - allowing users to  access and retrieve in the order they prefer - any voice messages left for them.

Companies using the optional advanced KX-TVA Voice Messaging Solutions - can allow Communications Assistant users to visually manage their voice mails with Voice Mail Assistant.  VMA can be launched directly from Communications Assistant via the Message icon.  By using Voice Mail Assistant, users can:

  • Visually see their voice messages as a list
  • Skip messages forward or skip messages backwards by 4 seconds
  • Change  message playback speed
  • Play and pause messages
  • Delete messages
  • Change voice mailbox settings
  • Export a message to a PC
  • Send a message via eMail
  • Call back a person who has left a message

Communications Assistant - IP Softphone


The Communications Assistant IP Softphone module allows road warriors, sales/support staff or any other power user, to use their computer as an IP Phone for anytime, anywhere access to  communications resources.  The user simply needs to connect to the corporate IP network over a secured managed broadband connection to enable the IP Softphone.  All personnel can be centrally connected to the corporate KX-NCP/TDE/NS platform - providing advanced desktop productivity based on highly cost effective VoIP communications.


Integration with Microsoft Outlook®


Communications Assistant seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook allowing users to easily dial contact phone numbers and secure incoming call pop-up alerts.


PC Console


PC Console provides company operators with a powerful tool for improving call handling, efficiency and customer service.  PC Console displays information about he caller on the PC screen even before the operator takes the call making it easier for operators to prioritize incoming calls, so important customers are never kept  waiting.  Operators can quickly see which extensions are busy and which are free.  They can transfer calls and access powerful features using simple drag-and-drop and  point-and-click operations. 


Integrating with Business Applications


The KX-NCP/TDE/NS supports Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) functionality, enabling telephony and computers working in sync to provide powerful PC based productivity tools. The system supports IP based CTI integration via two mature industry standards:

  • Telephony  Applications Programming Interface (TAPI)

  • Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA)

Leveraging TAPI and CSTA interfaces to augment business communications capabilities - businesses can integrate with third party applications, such  as CTI solution Act®,  to provide software productivity applications for businesses that cover all aspects of business needs.

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